Kazam has been empanelled by Delhi Discom,
BSES Rajdhani , BSES Yamuna and Tata Power

for EV Charging Stations
  • Subsidized charging stations at
    Rs 3000
  • Internet connected with mobile app
  • Use for both commercial and personal purpose
  • No wiring cost

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Subsidy for EV Charging Stations in Delhi: BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, Tata Power - What, When, Who, How and More
The Delhi EV Policy was notified on August 7, 2020, with two objectives. The primary goal was to make electric vehicles widely used & mobile in New Delhi. The second goal was to make EV Charging Stations available in every public & private institution. They desired EV charging solutions in every institute, commercial establishment, workplace, bungalow, & even homes & bungalows. On 14 July 2021, the 3 distribution companies (Discoms) in Delhi, BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, & Tata Power, issued a tender to impanel EV charging equipment companies to provide EV stations to the people of Delhi. In today's video, we'll learn who can buy these subsidized EV charging stations & reap the benefits.
Ayera Parti
13th Feb 22
All Weather compatible
Kazam EVCS is a weather-resistant, robust design that can survive turbulent climatic conditions ranging from Mumbai's rains to Rajasthan's heat.
IOT Enabled
  • Remote monitoring dashboard designed for high visibility
  • Smart IoT based technology engineered by IITians
  • 24/7 connectivity via sim based network.
Technical Specifications
IP54 certifiedYES
Shock ResistantYES
ABS Plastic BodyYES
Ip(max)20 Amp
Vp(max)280 V
Length270 mm
Width190 mm
Depth130 mm
Smart LEDmulti coloured
All Weather functionalityYES
MCB and FuseYES
Power Ranging3.3 kW
Energy Measurement Accuracy>95%
PhaseSingle Phase
Supporton-demand via app/web
OTA SupportYES
Tamper ProofYES
When you install Kazam Chargers, electric vehicle owners will be able to find your charging stations using our App.

Kazam offers location-based search for charging stations, which means that an EV driver in your locality may find your charging station online and follow the directions on the map to get there.

Not only does it assist customers in charging their EV, but it also increases your shop's/store's/parking space's visibility on google/apple maps
Install EV charging stations in Delhi
Earn money from your Parking Spot
Kazam offers the best solution for shops, restaurants, shopping malls, houses, universities, petrol-pumps and plot-owners

Install Kazam EVCS to generate passive income from your parking space.
Just in three simple steps:
1. Purchase & Install Kazam EVCS
2. Configure your EVCS rates
3. Track Your Earnings Using the Kazam App
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