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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Chennai
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Published on 30th Mar 21

Formerly known as Madras City, Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, and is also known as the "Gateway to South India". Chennai is a city which is very well connected by road, rail, air by an international airport and also by the sea through international Seaport with India's neighbouring countries. Public bus networks and rickshaws are common vehicles in cities. Chennai is a city full of beautiful scenic spots and tourist attractions. Every year a large number of tourists visit here to rejuvenate themselves. For the visitors, Chennai means diving into the waters of Marina Beach, south Indian food, Kanchipuram sarees and jewellery, and exploring historic buildings across the city, and a lot more. Now, many manufacturers have started to consider Chennai as their manufacturing city and are thinking of setting up their units in various parts of Chennai. It includes EV manufacturers as well.

Piaggio recently opens its first EV facility in Chennai

The company recently announced that Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd, an Indian subsidiary of Italian group Piaggio, has begun its first electric vehicle outlet in Chennai, the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu. It was inaugurated by M A Subramanium (State Minister for Medical and Family Welfare) and afterwards, this outlet was open for the customers to shop. After Chennai, Nair added that the company is looking forward to expanding its EV business to several other automotive markets in Tamil Nadu. Saju Nair said about this inauguration, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to open our first dedicated electric vehicle showroom in Chennai. Chennai is a metropolitan city and an important commercial centre, and the transport sector is one of the main driving forces of the economy". He further added, "Piaggio's new line of electric vehicles will certainly help boost profits thanks to their low running costs and long-range.

EV charging station companies in your city:

1. ReVolt’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station

2. Kazam EV Charging Station

3. Relux Electric Charging Station

4. Lectron Charging Station

5. EESL Charging Station

6. Some other private charging stations as well to be found.

Here is a list of charging stations that you can use:

There are two types of electric vehicle chargers in the Chennai market. You can remove and disconnect the car battery from the 3-pin power supply at home or in the office. Secondly, you can connect the car directly to the charging point.

1. ReVolt’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Address: 16, 7th St, Vinobaji Nagar, Hasthinapuram, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600064

It is a charger For Revolt Bikes with a warranty of 1 yrs. Revolt chargers are in high demand and valued by many customers for their superior performance, ease of use, and long life. The products offered are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components according to established industry standards and specifications. Don't forget to check its availability and working hours on Google Maps before visiting there to charge your vehicle. People rated this station with 5 stars on google. Their charger cost is around Rs.15,000. 

2. Kazam EV Charging Station

Address: 7, Thiruvottiyur High Rd, Ashok Nagar, Tondiarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600081

There are three main types of EV chargers provided by Kazam, Rapid, fast and slow chargers. Each charger model has a set of compatible connectors specifically designed for low or high power consumption. It is also compatible with both AC and DC charging. People can install Kazam EV charging stations in shopping malls, restaurants, offices, shops, parking, and in free space. You can also earn money by installing it and charging fees for using chargers. Making payments for Kazam chargers is very very easy, you can easily add money on the Kazam Application and pay directly from the app. 

3. Relux Electric Charging Station

Address: Enshrine supermarket, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Relux Electric operates in five states in India and each public charging station has its own product. Relux offers franchise location charging models across India. It is a DC fast charging station. There are 15 kW Bharath DC001 (GB/T) and 30 kW DC FAST (CCS) included in their chargers. The Tata Tigor and E-Verito can be charged with the Bharath DC001, and the Tata Nexon, MG ZS, KONA, and BENZ EQ can be charged with a 30 kW DC fast charger of Relux charging station. Chennai has 20 Relux charging ports across the city. Other spots in Tamil Nadu include Namakkal, Puducherry, Ambur, Hosur, Rameshwaram, Karaikudi, Trichy, Villupuram, Thiruvannamalai, Salem. RELUX is the only company in India that provides charging services with investment guarantees and “buy-back options'' and encourages people to open additional points with low operating costs and fewer investments.

4. EESL Charging Station

Address: Alandur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016

EESL develops a charging network and ecosystem for electric vehicles. It has signed MoUs with the Chennai Metro Rail Corporation (CMRL).To date, EESL has submitted 68 public charging ports and is currently active nationwide. It has DC-001/AC-001 chargers installed at 8 places across the city. 

Why choose an electric vehicle?

The electric car is more ecological

One of the first reasons that can push to choose an electric vehicle is its ecological impact. From an environmental standpoint, the electric car wins hands down compared to the thermal car.  The electric car emits between 2 and 3 times less CO₂ than a thermal car if we take into account its entire life cycle. Less CO₂, fewer fine particles, less environmental impact: all of this combined would radically transform our transport system and considerably limit its negative consequences on the environment. And that is perfect for the planet.

The electric car is profitable in the long run

One can also choose the electric car for financial reasons. Indeed, the electric car is generally more economical in the long run than diesel or gasoline cars. Yes, even if electric cars are generally more expensive to buy, this is quickly offset by the price of electricity, which is much lower than the price of gasoline or diesel. We, therefore, spend more money initially, but much less later during the years of use of the vehicle.

The electric car lasts longer

And the financial advantage of the electric car is all the more valid as electric cars have a much longer lifespan than thermal cars.

The electric car is the future

If we had to summarize the reasons for choosing the electric car, we could say in a way that the electric car is the future. Greener, more profitable, more reliable, and more durable, electric cars are also destined to become more and more common.

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