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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Gurugram
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Published on 30th Mar 21

Gurgaon, the largest city of Haryana, is considered the economic and industrial capital of the state. The city is 30 km south of Delhi. Gurgaon, one of the four major cities of Delhi, is part of the National Capital Region (NCR). There are two cities named New Gurgaon and Old Gurgaon and there is a big difference between the two. The infrastructure in Old Gurgaon has not been developed and it is also very crowded. On the other hand, in New Gurgaon, you can see sky-high buildings and well-planned development. Gurgaon ranks third after Chandigarh and Mumbai in terms of per capita income in India. Gurgaon, located to the southwest of Delhi, was earlier a small village, where agriculture was done. But today the population and economy here have increased rapidly. Now there is a boom in the tourism sector. Today it has more than 80 malls including Ambience Mall, City Center Mall, and Plaza Mall. Among these, Ambience Mall is considered to be the second-largest mall in India. There are many such parks, including Leisure Valley Park and Kingdom of Dreams located in Sector-29, where you can spend your leisure time. Appu Ghar, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Pataudi Palace, etc. are also important among other attractions here. Gurgaon is well connected by road and rail. The nearest airport is Delhi's Indira Gandhi National Airport, 10 km away. It connects Gurgaon to the rest of the country as well as the world.

Gurgaon soon turned into an EV hub for manufacturers

The Government of Haryana received a proposal from FII to turn Gurgaon and the surrounding area into centres for the production of electric vehicles. In a letter to CM, FII said the companies are expanding their business as the region is a major hub for all major automakers. If necessary policies will be drafted for the companies, it will help companies to work and expand their business units in Gurgaon. As per Deepak Jain, the DG of FII, the auto industry is booming and the focus is shifting to electric vehicles. Government policies and the introduction of investors are one of the reasons for the strong push for electric vehicles in the industry. That is good for the government as well. The industry is taking steps to make the area a centre for electric vehicle production as the industry does not have to worry about building new divisions or factories in Gurgaon. This will allow the country's activities and GDP to grow together, while creating more jobs at the same time. Entrepreneurs believe that turning Gurgaon into an EV hub will be an important solution to the spare parts problem. As per J.N. Mangla, President of the Gurgaon Industry Association, for Spare parts we have to rely heavily on countries like China. The construction of Gurgaon as a major electric vehicle manufacturing centre will also boost the growth of its support industry. Therefore, there is no dependence on the introduction of spare parts. He believes that Gurgaon's auto industry will be electricity soon.

EV charging station companies in your city

1. Charge and Drive Charging Station

2. Charzing

3. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

4. Volttic Charging Station

5. Zevpoint E-Mobility

6.  Kazam EV Charging Station 

7. NN4 Energy

8. EV Motors

9. Statiq - India's Largest EV Charging Network

10. Rath E-Riskshaw Co

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Gurugram

1. EV Plugin Charging Station

Address: Plot-272, Phase II, Udyog Vihar, Sector 20, Gurugram, Haryana 122008

EV plugin charging station provides two types of charging stations: AC chargers and DC Chargers. This is an ideal charging station for your free spaces in parking, shop front, malls, office, restaurants, at CNG and fuel Stations, and many more. It is easily accessible in all major cities including Bangalore and Delhi. They also provide EV solutions and provide a platform for various EV vendors to boost up their business. 

2. Kazam EV Charging Station

There are three main types of EV chargers provided by Kazam, Rapid, fast and slow chargers. Each charger model has a set of compatible connectors specifically designed for low or high power consumption. It is also compatible with both AC and DC charging. People can install Kazam EV charging stations in shopping malls, restaurants, offices, shops, parking, and in free space. You can also earn money by installing it and charging fees for using chargers. Making payments for Kazam chargers is very very easy, you can easily add money on the Kazam Application and pay directly from the app.

3. Statiq Charging Station

Address: Mehrauli Gurgaon Service Rd, Heritage City, Sector 25, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Statiq is an electric vehicle charging network in Gurgaon India that allows customers to find the nearest charging station and pay online via App. Statiq has created and integrated its EV chargers with other EV chargers. It was founded by Akshit Bansal and Raghav Arora in 2020. To ensure sustainable development and lead innovation in the Indian transportation sector, Statiq has mechanisms to make chargers local, manage free utilities, and provide remote charger management.

4. Charge+Zone Charging Station

Address: K No 39, Sector 18, Near Sun Pharma, Sarhaul, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

It is a fully automated open charging network. CHARGE + ZONE is an electric vehicle infrastructure technology company specializing in B2B and B2C charging services, leveraging a smart grid to deliver specific charged-based capabilities. You can use their mobile application to locate the nearest charging station to charge your EV. 

What installation to charge an electric car in a company?

The charging infrastructure includes the charging station but also access management and power management. It is different from installing a simple plug. This infrastructure, installed on a company's site, must therefore be fast and secure so that it can be used optimally. This is why choosing the installation of a charging station for an electric vehicle in a business with Kazam EV is to ensure that you have:

- A secure environment, essential to ensure the safety of people and protect car batteries

- Essential data to analyze and anticipate needs

- Access management via dedicated mobile App

- Power management according to the different types of cars

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