Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your Societies
Roadside stores can now be converted into EV charging stations! Take a quick break and charge your EV.
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Enhance the value of the society
Installing charging stations in your building will increase its value and attract (or retain) tenants. If you are a tenant looking to purchase an electric vehicle, you can use this argument to persuade your landlord
Your society supports Green Vehicles
Choosing to install a recharging station helps to encourage “green” traffic by increasingly reducing pollution and instead of increasing the development of electric mobility.
Extra Income
Choosing to install a recharging station promotes green traffic by reducing pollution and encouraging the development of electric mobility rather than increasing it.
Did You Know ?
Another benefit that makes society charging stations popular is the security they provide. Charging an electric vehicle necessitates a large amount of electricity. Using a wall outlet for this purpose is not recommended. It may put you at risk of overheating or even fire. Apartment charging stations, as opposed to wall outlets, are better suited to the release of this large amount of energy. The charging stations, which are outfitted with circuit breakers and differential switches, are built to withstand harsh charging conditions. Choosing this device in your society means that you can enjoy your car to the fullest while remaining completely safe.
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If charging an electric car is simple when you live in a house, it is a totally different scenario when you live in a society or an apartment. There are solutions whether you have a private parking space or not, and even if the electricity is not reaching your garage. Apartment buildings house slightly less than half of India's population. A type of accommodation that appears to make charging an electric car more difficult at first glance. Nonetheless, the lines have evolved significantly in a few years, and having a terminal in collective housing is no longer a pipe dream. Whatever your situation is, you have a good chance of benefiting from it.
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