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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Kolkata
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Published on 8th Apr 21

Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal, is also known as the "City of Joy". Kolkata has made a great contribution to the field of art, history, and literature. It was once a colony of the British and France. The ancient museums, monuments, and national library located here testify to its history. Along with art and literature, Kolkata is also famous for its lifestyle, food, and cultural festivals. Hardly any tourist would forget to taste the rasgulla here. Apart from this, there are different types of dishes made from fish, which can attract anyone. There are many places to visit in Kolkata like Victoria Memorial, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Parasnath Jain Temple, Indian Museum, etc. One of the specialities of Kolkata is that it is very modern as well as connected to its historical roots. Kolkata is the first city in the country where the underground metro was started. Also, Kolkata is the only city in India where you can see trams on the road and streets of the city. The Gariahat market in Kolkata is quite famous from where tourists can buy clothes, jewellery, electronic equipment, sarees, and furniture. Apart from this, one can buy books on any subject from College Street in Kolkata. Going to Kolkata must buy the saree here. Their quality is excellent. Also, food lovers can buy dry fish and rasgulla from here. Tourists can use the nearest airport Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport to reach Kolkata by air. There are two main major railway stations in Kolkata - Howrah Junction and Sealdah Junction. The city of Kolkata is connected by road to many major cities of India. National Highways (NH) 2 and 6 connect Kolkata to other cities and states.

Kolkata Police adopt 226 Electric Vehicles in its fleet to Cope with Rising Fuel Costs

The Kolkata Police Department recently decided to introduce 226 electric vehicles into their vehicle list to cope up with the increasing cost of petrol and diesel as well as the high maintenance cost of traditional vehicles. As per a few reports, these electric vehicles will be leased for eight years and it will help to eliminate 200 diesel vehicles with a lifespan of about 15 years. In addition, the new electric vehicles are likely to be designed for transportation, wireless communication, and other units, with at least 78 traffic police officers vehicles. As per the reports, Nabanna has already given a green signal to this proposal and given a go-ahead to implement this. It takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge each electric vehicle, so fast chargers will be set up at nine police stations across the city. Kolkata Police will first check the operational challenges of the first batch of electric vehicles and then give the green light for the widespread use of e-vehicles in the police vehicle's fleet. The Kolkata Police fleet currently has 4,000 vehicles but for legal work and special requests, they hire more vehicles from outside. The Deputy Secretariat and Ministry of Hill Affairs have allocated a budget of Rs 8.8 billion. They also called on government agencies to complete the bidding process and purchase of electric vehicles. In addition, TOI said in its report that additional CPs have been hired to coordinate with various agencies so that these vehicles can be delivered quickly.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Kolkata

1. NKDA Charging Station

Address: Unnamed Road, Jatragachhi, Deshbandhu Nagar, Rekjuani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

These chargers have been installed by New Town Kolkata Development Authority ( NKDA) across the city. Users can easily locate NKDA charging stations on Google Maps. Most public parking garages have this charging station for the convenience of car owners who can charge their vehicles during busy activities. The charging station has two universal charging points, designed by NKDA engineers, that can charge any electric vehicle. Each station has a circuit breaker to stop charging in case of an emergency.

2. Tata Charging Station 

Address: 13, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

Tata Power EV ecosystem is expanding in many cities in India. TATA power is the company's safest and most secure electric vehicle charging network which includes 1) different cost standards and specifications, 2) different electric vehicle manufacturers and models, 3) public electric vehicle cost, electric vehicle cost, and more. It also supports multiple-use issues and analyzes costs for electric vehicle charging stations for homes and business premises. Search on Google Maps for more TATA EV charging stations in Kolkata.

Why choose to install a Public Charging Station?

If you don't have a garage or closed parking area, you have no choice but to install your charging station outdoors. On the market, you will easily find robust and waterproof models like the Kazam Mini, designed to withstand the vagaries of time. Having a kiosk outside is perfect if you want to make the investment in its installation profitable and offer it to the public for paid use. All you have to do is register and share your charging station on applications such as Kazam EV which are currently the benchmarks in the country. This solution is especially interesting for companies or professionals who plan to invest in a charging station in the open car park of their establishments. They have the possibility of re-invoicing the charging sessions on time, by package, by the act, or by the electricity consumed. An automatic supervision system makes it easier to manage invoices.

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