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The charging station, electric car, and new infrastructure
While India expects to have millions of electric vehicles by 2030 in order to become an Electric Vehicle Nation, having an electric car charging station in a building will be an asset: both for a real estate investor and in the event of a resale. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has made it mandatory for buildings to designate 20% of their parking space for EV charging.
Promote eco-mobility in a new real estate program
Install a shared charging station as an additional service to promote eco-mobility in the real estate developer's program. This entails erecting a terminal on an unallocated parking space for both residents and visitors. To ensure invoicing, a name badge can be used. Management and maintenance can also be outsourced to a third-party service provider. Parking lots and charging stations in a pool. Another option is to create car parks that are shared by multiple users, such as residents of housing, office occupants, and shop visitors, in order to pool electric vehicle charging stations and avoid first come, first served by using a reservations service.
Attract buyers by offering charging station services
In addition to the necessary electrical pre-equipment, the property developer may choose to go above and beyond by providing Kazam charging stations to the acquiring customer. Again, there are numerous benefits. Equipping the car park with a new program with a collective electric vehicle recharging infrastructure allows it to: 1. Enhance the property by allowing each resident to be able to have their charging station installed easily and without the need for a collective decision, 2. Concretize the consideration of the environmental issue of reducing CO2 emissions in the overall design of the operation; and 3. Develop new mobility services, such as the shared terminal or electric carsharing.
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The parking area of the building has been pre-arranged to accommodate charging stations. Kazam EV is funding this project. A well-planned installation is required to ensure that as many users as possible have access to a charging station while keeping costs to a minimum.
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The charging stations are still considered novel. Installing them now boosts the accommodation facility's competitiveness by attracting new customer segments. As a gas or petrol station with expanded charging infrastructure, you will have a significant advantage over other service stations that do not have charging stations. Drivers of electric vehicles, as well as those who want to become one, will, if in doubt, choose a gas station with charging infrastructure. The stations can be installed by Kazam EV over the years and the evolution of the vehicle fleet, at the request of the owner or the tenant of the place.
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