Take Advantage of Subsidies for Affordable Home Charging Stations in Delhi
In today's world where customer buying behavior is consistently being underlined with sustainable living, electric mobility is one of the loudest answers in front of us. While still at a very nascent stage, and with electric charging infrastructure being built as we speak, the customers have this unique proposition of contributing to this electric charging infrastructure which has been open-sourced. Some major companies have pivoted from a mass charging facility to offering a Direct to Consumer solution which has tremendous potential to scale at a supersonic speed. Such is the demand and supply that the Delhi Government has offered to step in and offer subsidies on this. And we the people can leverage these subsidies to establish our little infrastructure and become independent. So let's take a look at what the subsidies have to offer.
Types of EV Chargers (with subsidies) available
Price :
Subsidy :
Final Cost with 3 year warranty :
Subscription price per month after subsidy :
Rs 8,375 to Rs 10,480
Rs 6000
Rs 2375 to Rs 4480
132 to 337 INR
Procurement and Installation of EV Chargers via Subsidies:
The Delhi govt. has empowered the Delhi DISCOMs like BRPL, BYPL, and TPDDL via a process they have coined as a “Single Window Process” and they reserve the right of authorization of EV Charging registration, procurement, and installation. Delhi Govt. recently released the 'Residential EV Charging Handbook' formulated by DDC and the World Resources Institute (WRI, India) in an effort to boost the adoption of EVs in the capital.
  • First, submit a request for EV charger installation via DISCOM's Single window platform.
  • DISCOM performs a proper inspection of the location where chargers are approved to be installed. It will evaluate the viability of EV charger suppliers to install EV chargers in the field selected by the user. The inspection process includes connectivity for SIM-based and Wifi-based chargers, suitable locations, and so on.
  • Post-approval of request, the customer gets a tentative cost for the same, and basis of this, the installation takes place. The payment is done by the customer for the EV charger which would be a net of the subsidy given (will discuss it below)
  • The installation and activation of the EV charger are done within seven working days of the request being submitted by the customer, which is an amazing turnaround time.
Key Benefits
1. The single window process and the subsidy will be available for the installation of AC 001, LEV AC. The subsidy is not available for DC001 chargers.
2. The customer only has to pay the EV Charger Price after subsidy adjustment whereas the EV Charger Vendor will receive the subsidy amount from Delhi Govt directly.
3. The first 30,000 EV charging points will benefit from a 100% subsidy of up to INR 6,000 for AC 001 and LEV AC EV Chargers
4. Only a maximum of 20 EV charging points of 20% of total parking slots are eligible for the subsidy per customer. If the customer has plans for more EV chargers they will have to shell out full price for those additional charges.
Customer Payment Options
Capex Model
  • This model is applicable for those with a minimum charging point requirement (around 2-3).
  • It involves the customer booking the EV charger with an upfront full payment which includes
1. Cost of Charger (Net of Subsidy and GST)
2. Charger Installation Cost (5 meters of wiring inclusive)
3. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for 3 years
Subscription Model
  • This payment option applies to those customers with a deployment need of more than 10 EV Charging points at their location.
  • The payment is broken down into a monthly subscription fee (which is equal to the monthly installment) paid over 3 years which includes :
1. Cost of Charger (Net of Subsidy and GST)
2. Charger Installation Cost (5 meters of wiring inclusive)
3. 3 Years Operational and Maintenance Cost
4. The ownership of the chargers will be transferred to the customer after the full payment of the monthly installments.
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