Introducing Kazam Charging Stations
Our charging stations, Kazam 3.3 and Kazam Mini , are India's first intelligent IoT based Charging Stations. The perfect solution for the charging needs of electric vehicles in residential societies, offices, malls, restaurants, shops, and petrol pumps. Charging station owners can utilize our analytical interface to track units charged including the earned amount of payment.
Super convenient to install
IOT enabled charging
All weather and water resistant
Real-time data analytics
How it works
1. We understand your needs
2. We setup a site assessment for you.
3. You book your order
4. We complete the installation
5. Your charging station is all set to boost.
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Find your nearest EV charging station and Chargekazamly
Use the KAZAM Application
  1. Find Nearest/Kazam EV charging station on the go
  2. Scan and charge Kazamly
  3. Makes mobility accessible to all
  4. Explore endlessly
  5. Pay on the go directly from wallet
  6. End charging and resume your trip with ease
India's no. 1 EV portal
Compare and choose EV best for you
iOT enabled smart chargers across cities
Real time analytics of charging
Update on latest offers in the EV Ecosystem

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  • Find Nearest/Kazam EV charging station on the go
  • Scan and charge Kazamly
  • Makes mobility accessible to all

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