Best EV Charging Station for all weather conditions
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Products offered by Kazam EV
Kazam 3.3
Kazam 3.3 charging station is a weather-resistant, robust design that can survive turbulent climatic conditions ranging from Mumbai's rains to Rajasthan's heat. It is a 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station available at an affordable price of Rs. 14,000. It is a SIM-based IoT Enabled charger that requires 3 Pinpoint and a 16A Socket Charger. You can charge Electric Car, Electric Bikes, and scooters. It has anti-theft features, voice enabled charger with LED indicators. It has a length of 45 cm, a width of 30 cm. It is an IP54 certified charger. Remote monitoring dashboard designed for high visibility Smart IoT based technology engineered by IITians 24/7 connectivity via 2G sim based network.
Kazam Mini
Kazam Mini's sleek and compact design makes it a one-stop solution, this coupled with IP-65 protection against rain and dust, as well as surge protection with MCB makes your life way easier. It is a premium looking 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station available at an affordable price of Rs 5,500. It is a Wi-fi based IOT Enabled smart charger that supports almost all types of electric vehicles including Electric cars, Electric Scooters. You can use it at 3 Pinpoint with a 16A Socket Charger. You can earn money in parking lots, shops, in front of your office, and get track of earnings in the Kazam mobile application. It has a smart app control. It has a length of 8.5 cm and width of 18 cm
Best weather-resistant EV charging station
Due to the changing climatic conditions of India, it is very important for us to buy things which are weather-resistant. The same goes with the electric vehicle charging stations, if you are the owner of an electric car and you live in somewhere the hottest part of India so you must have worried about the charging station installed at your home for your electric car. What happens if there will be excessive rain in your area? Will it get damaged? The answer is NO!! There are a variety of weather-resistant charging stations available in the market nowadays. Now the question is which one to choose? Don't worry, we have the answer to this question as well. Most individuals who have a charging station for their electric vehicle choose to install this equipment inside their home, of course for those who have a garage or a closed room adjoining their typical house laundry room for example. In the case of installing a charging station in a garage, individuals find two main interests: first, to protect their charging system from rain, cold, dust, etc., which has the advantage of protecting their charging station as well as possible and thus guaranteeing its longevity, but also of protecting their electric vehicle while it is charging, especially since the performance of the batteries of electric cars can be reduced due to bad weather, especially in very cold or very high temperatures. If installing a charging station inside your home appears to be the ideal situation, there is nothing to prevent this equipment from being placed outside your home. This is also necessarily the case for those who do not have, for example, a garage or outbuildings. The majority of charging stations available on the market are designed to withstand all weather conditions, cold or very hot temperatures, humidity (rain, snow, etc.), and are not afraid of dust because they are waterproof. On the other hand, the charging stations are also shock resistant. This is why a charging station arranged outside his house, for example on a facade of the dwelling, does not pose any particular problem as regards its operation and safety. So, when purchasing your charging system, make sure that your equipment correctly fulfills all these conditions. On the other hand, a certain range of charging stations cannot be installed outside a home. These are 'new generation' charging systems given below which allow the owner of an electric vehicle to use in all weather conditions.
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