Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your Restaurant
Customers can charge their vehicles while enjoying their food, hassle free in your Parking Space.
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Increase turnover
The use of Kazam charging stations may be chargeable in order to amortize the costs of electricity and installation and, as a result, make the equipment profitable.
Boost Customers
The installation of charging stations leads to an increase in customer growth. As a result, a customer can stop along his journey to use the Kazam charging point for a meal in a restaurant or even an overnight stay in a hotel.
Receive Government Aid
Each terminal installed provides monetary benefits to the recipient. All of the benefits under various policies are far from insignificant, and they tend to encourage hotel and restaurant professionals to install charging stations for electric vehicles as soon as possible.
Did You Know ?
Managers of hotels and restaurants can now access user data such as energy costs, consumption in kWh, and even terminal activity thanks to the installation of Kazam charging stations.
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With the increased sales of electric vehicles in India, the presence of terminals is critical because all of these vehicles must be recharged on a regular basis. Hotel and restaurant charging stations will be required at some point in the future to satisfy motorists who will increasingly use electric vehicles. By providing charging services in these locations, Kazam EV will be able to attract more customers. Motorists are increasingly relying on hotels and restaurants to provide them with everything they require in addition to eating and resting in a hotel room. These establishments managers have the option of installing electric vehicle charging stations in their parking lots so that customers electric vehicles can be recharged during their breaks.

It is a guarantee of satisfaction for their client, according to the hotel and restaurant professional. Indeed, by equipping itself with terminals, this type of establishment can provide an additional service. It is also an asset for increasing its turnover, and the establishment is becoming well-known as a result of this type of service. Many hotel restaurants already have charging stations, but the vast majority do not, complicating the choice of establishment for customers who require this type of service. It should be noted that, depending on the hotel chain, some of the hotel restaurants equipped with charging stations provide this service for free, while others charge for it. Installing charging stations in hotels and restaurants is an opportunity not to be passed up.
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