Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your Petrol Pump
Install EV Charging Stations in your projects to be future-ready.
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Opportunity to generate more revenue
Fuel retailers are venturing into the burgeoning electric vehicle market. Installing Kazam electric vehicle charging stations at gas stations and convenience stores will bring invaluable customers while increasing sales and profit.
Increases interest in the electric
Many drivers are hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle because charging infrastructure is scarce in India. Electric vehicles become more appealing to customers near you with charging stations in Petrol Pumps. Install IoT-enabled smart Kazam chargers to help the environment and contribute to a pollution-free future.
Improve the brand image
Kazam charging station in the perimeter of nearby petrol pumps strengthens the image of the brand towards customers and suppliers. If you are a large or small distribution business, the possible electric recharge with Kazam Chargers will attract new customers to the petrol pumps who will build loyalty over time
Did You Know ?
Another benefit that makes society charging stations popular is the security they provide. Charging an electric vehicle necessitates a large amount of electricity. Using a wall outlet for this purpose is not recommended. It may put you at risk of overheating or even fire. Apartment charging stations, as opposed to wall outlets, are better suited to the release of this large amount of energy. The charging stations, which are outfitted with circuit breakers and differential switches, are built to withstand harsh charging conditions. Choosing this device in your society means that you can enjoy your car to the fullest while remaining completely safe.
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The charging stations are still considered novel. Installing them now boosts the accommodation facility's competitiveness by attracting new customer segments. As a gas or petrol station with expanded charging infrastructure, you will have a significant advantage over other service stations that do not have charging stations. Drivers of electric vehicles, as well as those who want to become one, will, if in doubt, choose a gas station with charging infrastructure.
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