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Kazam LEV AC
NABL certified LEV AC Electric Vehicle Charging Station (IS 17017). Used at Residential Communities, Offices, Malls, Restaurants, Stores, and Gas Stations.
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*Note : Get Subsidy for Delhi Discom Know More
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levac features
IoT Enabled
Connected to internet via SIM card and can be operated remotely via mobile app
All weather compatible
Kazam EV Charging Station is a weather-resistant, robust design that can survive turbulent climatic conditions ranging from Mumbai's rains to Rajasthan's heat.
Emergency Stop Button
LEV AC charge point has provision of Electrical emergency stop button with mechanical latching function. It will help the users to have a manual control for stopping the transaction if needed
LED Interpretation
Technical Specifications
General Specifications
Kazam LEV AC
Grey White
272 x 183 x 190mm
1.87 kg
Electrical Safety
IEC 61508 (All parts)
Electrical Specifications
Charging Power
3.3 kW
Input Voltage
1 Phase, 240V AC
Output Voltage
220V - 240V
Socket Type
IS/IEC 60309-1:2002 (Industrial Socket)
Rated Frequency
IP 54
Energy Metering
Class 1 ( + 1%)
Earth Fault detection
Orange color blinks
Smart App Control
When you install Kazam Chargers, electric vehicle owners will be able to find your charging stations using our App.

Kazam offers location-based search for charging stations, which means that an EV driver in your locality may find your charging station online and follow the directions on the map to get there.

Not only does it assist customers in charging their EV, but it also increases your shop's/store's/parking space's visibility on google/apple maps
Make money from your parking spot
Kazam offers the best solution for shops, restaurants, shopping malls,
houses, universities, petrol-pumps and plot-owners
Subsidy for EV Charging Stations in Delhi: BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, Tata Power - What, When, Who, How and More
The Delhi EV Policy was notified on August 7, 2020, with two objectives. The primary goal was to make electric vehicles widely used & mobile in New Delhi. The second goal was to make EV Charging Stations available in every public & private institution. They desired EV charging solutions in every institute, commercial establishment, workplace, bungalow, & even homes & bungalows. On 14 July 2021, the 3 distribution companies (Discoms) in Delhi, BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, & Tata Power, issued a tender to impanel EV charging equipment companies to provide EV stations to the people of Delhi. In today's video, we'll learn who can buy these subsidized EV charging stations & reap the benefits.
Ayera Parti
13th Feb 22
Frequently asked questions
Which automobile can Kazam EV Charging station charge?
You can charge every automobile ranging from EV buses, cars, bikes. Just plug the charger and you're all set
What are the key features of this product?
Remote monitoring dashboard designed for high visibility, Compact & rugged design, Single output, Intelligent to authenticate & online payment, Safe to use with proper earthing and many more
Is Kazam EVCS waterproof/water-resistant?
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